What is wheat straw

What is wheat straw?

Wheat straw is a natural for of plastic. It can help save the planet. It can be used to make lots of things, such as sunglasses! 

Wheat straw is made from what is leftover once the wheat is harvested. It is an ideal zero-waste eco-friendly alternative.

The wheat straw is a natural plastic is created by reducing down the cellulose that the wheat straw contains.

This process creates a wholly natural, compostable different kind of polymers. Polymers are large bonds formed by loose monomers that are strong and are used as building blocks to create a substance.

These natural polymers is similar to those found in our bodies, like our nails and hair.

How is wheat straw made?

Once the wheat has been harvested, the by-product of the straw is a waste product called lignin.

Lignin is part of the plant that makes sure that it can keep standing. It’s like the thick trunk of a tree but made for a smaller plant. In combination with sugar, lignin can be turned into a bioplastic.

Another way to create products using the wheat straw is by making it into a paper-like substance. The straw is turned into a pulp with the help of certain chemicals. The pulp is then pressed into a form like a plate.

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Wheat Straw Sunglasses.

Summer is just around the corner and there is no better summer promotional product giveaway than the eco-friendly wheat straw sunglasses. 

The wheat straw sunglasses come in a variety of cool colors and are perfect for getting your business or event logo on.


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