Our Factory Partners!

Ok, here’s the scoop. Most overseas factory’s are terrible marketers and poor communicators.

That’s where Factory Fresh Promo comes in the the picture!

We are an American company that has an exclusive arrangement with over 100 factory’s that produce over 10,000 promotional products. We do all of the sourcing, importing from the start to delivery of every order.

How to use this page!

On this page you will find many of those supplier factories listed.

Those supplier factories are be broken down into 10 broad product categories.

Under each of the 10 product categories the factory suppliers are listed by a supplier number.

Each supplier number has a very basic overview of what each specific supplier factory make. There is a link next to each supplier factory listing. Open the link and you will see a specific page for that supplier and a variety of their product images.

In the top left hand corner of each product image there is a supplier number.

If you are looking to speak with us about that product please make sure to reference the supplier number. You can also right click save any image. For a quote or information send it directly to Austin@factoryfreshpromo.com 

Please note: As you can imagine, getting similar quality and similar size product images from each of our 150 factories can be a challenge. Please forgive us if all images are not the same quality. Thanks

Weird, Quirky 1 of a Kind.

Supplier #19 – RFID Wallets and sliding credit card holder, made for Secrid View here

Supplier # 48 – Custom 3D puzzles. Turn your product or icon into a 3D puzzle View here

Supplier #120- Tactical Steel Wallets. Retail trendsetting hipster RFID wallets. View here.

Supplier #77- Custom leather goods, cases and gloves. View here

Supplier 69- Cannabis Paraphernalia and Marijuana Grinders View here 

Supplier #140 – School centric customized bags, backpacks, pencil case. View here

Supplier #23 – Every Day Carry Tools. Knives, Wenches, Drivers.. View here.

Supplier #6 – Custom Toasters and Waffle Makers. Our most fun product ever! View here.

Supplier #129 – Unique silicone gadgets, kitchenware and promos. View here

Supplier #41 – Custom designed trade show booth and signage. View here

Supplier #98 Custom kitchen Gadgets View here

Supplier #54 -Custom Barbecues and Stainless Steel Camping Goods View here

Supplier #24 – Multitools, Knives and EDC every day carry tools.View here

Supplier #134 -Super cool retro desktop 80’s video games like Pac-Man and Frogger. View here

Supplier #33 – Fidget Gadget and Fidget Games. View here

Supplier #78 – Kitchenware. Mostly fr larger orders but lots of cool kitchen goods. View here

Supplier #74- Belt Buckles and Leather Belts. Get your inner rodeo on. View here

Supplier #136 – Custom silicone kitchenware and kitchen gadgets. View here

Supplier # 82 -Custom Golf and Promotional Umbrellas. View here

Bags & Back Packs

Supplier #16 – Great looking custom designed bags and backpacks View here.

Supplier #94 – Eco friendly reusable Jute fiber shopping bags. View here

Supplier #4 – Unique, quality concerned bags, backpacks and travel bags. View here

Pens & Writing Instruments

Supplier #132 – Amazing Eco friendly recyclable pens and dramatic executive quality pens. View here


Supplier #62 – Thermal insulated stainless steel drinkware and bottles  View here.

Supplier #137 – Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Products, Water bottles. View here. 

Supplier #72 – Retail quality shaker cups and water bottles. View here.

Supplier # 101 – Fitness promotional ideas like shaker cups and water bottlesView here

Supplier #29 – The kitchen is the next great vista for your marketing. Silicone water bottles and gadgets. View here.

Supplier #117 – Custom stainless steel drinkware. View here

Supplier #100 – Stainless Steel Barware and Drinkware  View here.

Supplier #103 – Stainless Steel Drinking Straws View here.

Supplier #62- Complete line of drinkware including stainless steel and thermal. View here

Supplier #135 – Folding water bottles and silicone folding coffee cups. View here

Supplier #71 – Great drinkware, water bottles and sports bottles for hydration. View here

Supplie #99- More cool drinkware plus some great kitchen and food containers. View here

Mobile Phone

Supplier #32 – Silicone Phone Wallets and Phone Accessories View here

Supplier #46 – Great customized phone accessories and metal phone holders. View here

Supplier # 63 – Custom phone holders mobile accessories  View here.

Supplier #32 – Custom silicone phone accessories, silicone phone wallets. View here

Supplier #109 – Custom phone cases. View here

Supplier #130 – Silicone Phone Holders and Car Mobile Phone Accessories. View here

Supplier #119 – High tech phone chargers and desktop chargers.  View here

Supplier #20- Quirky tech for your car and mobile device. View here

Supplier #45 – Great phone holders, phone stands and mobile phone accessories. View here


Supplier #3 – Amazing high end retail quality Bluetooth speakers. Wow! View here.

Supplier #12 – Premium quality tech products View here. 

Supplier # 28 – Everything that power charging, car tech, phone gadget heart desires. View here.

Supplier #55 – Innovative flashlights, led lights, camping lights. Get lit! View here.

Supplier # 49 – Custom Power Banks and USB Flash Drives View here.

Supplier #125- Cool Flashlights and E-Scooters. View here.

Supplier # 60 – Custom shaped power banks and phone chargers. View here

Supplier 89 – Truly awesome tech products, power banks, ear buds and more. View here

Supplier 76- Custom tech, 3D power banks and flash drives View more.

Supplier #93 – Custom and Eco-Friendly Flash Drives. View more

Supplier 110 – Factory direct flash drives and power banks. View more.

Supplier #124 – High end tech products, desktop phone chargers and mobile phone accessories. View here

Supplier #96 – Custom Optical Mouses/Mice, Gaming gear. View here

Supplier #112 Smartwatches, fitness trackers and digital lifestyle products View here

Supplier #89 – Custom tech gadgets and water bottles. Odd combination, but great stuff. View here

Supplier #53- Custom 3D flash drives and USB tech products View here

Supplier # 131 – Amazing tech promotional products View here

Hats and Wearables

Supplier #35 – Amazing custom baseball hats and custom headwear factory View here

Supplier # 116 – Very cool dye sublimated team jerseys and polos. View here

Supplier #11 -Dye sublimated sportswear. View here

Supplier# 17- Factory direct, very cool and inexpensive custom headwear and baseball hats View here

Supplier #114 – Custom baseball hats and caps. View here

Supplier #138 _- Very cool custom baseball caps and Vintage custom hats. View here

Supplier #15- A weird mix of hats, bags and wallets. Great stuff, but a mixed bag. View here

Supplier #138 – A great supplier of custom hats, baseball caps and lids. View here

Key Chains and Lapel Pins

Supplier#8- Key Chains and custom lapel pins. View here

Supplier #9- Metal key chains, key fobs and lapel pins  View here

Supplier #46 – Great looking custom lapel pins View here.

Supplier # 26 – Factory direct keychains and phone accessories View here

Supplier #10 -Custom metal craft, lapel pins and keychains. View here

Glasses and Sunglasses

Supplier #21 – Custom polarized sunglasses and promo sunglasses  View here

Supplier #22 – Power up your “Inner Lady Gaga!” Fashion-forward sunglasses. View here

Supplier #25 – Eco friendly bamboo, wheat straw and grass fiber promotional sunglasses. View here.

Supplier #104 – Factory direct summer promotional sunglasses. View here

Supplier #80 – Customized reading glasses. View here


Supplier #50- The proverbial soup to nuts supplier. Looking for anything cheap and cheerful to put your logo on? View here.

Supplier #18 – Very large and very efficient multi product factory. If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist. View here