Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss in promotional products marketing

Are you a Promo Products Distributor who wants to be their own boss?

We are looking for one very special, experienced promotional products distributor.

An experienced distributor who wants to be their own boss! Who wants to run their own show but have a free support and marketing team behind you.

Do you hate the following?

Paperwork? Order tracking? Paying your boss half the money? Commuting to the office? Financing orders? Marketing for leads?

We may have the solution to your problems!

Watch the video below for an overview. 

What is this all about ?

We lack is a great salesperson/distributor. Is that you?

We are a long time distributor of promotional products that sources 85% of our products direct from the factory’s in Asia (Vietnam, China, India, etc) and ships them direct from the factory to the clients door.

We are Americans with offices in the Northeast where our marketing and distributor support team live and work.

For over 20 years we have worked directly with dozens of factory’s that produce promotional products. We offer these products to clients at a price that is often 20-40% less than what you are currently selling them for.

We are experts are sourcing, delivering and marketing of promotional products.

Here is what we offer the right candidate.

We will provide the chosen Distributor the following:

A completely personalized website (like this one) with only your contact information on it!

shaker cup promotional product
Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

Free Marketing

An absolutely free of charge email marketing campaign that reaches over 100,000 companies each and every month.

All order support, including order entry, approval, follow-up, order tracking, art proofs 

Complete Financing

We provide all order financing, samples and costs related to the order.

We will provide you with the direct factory pricing from which you can determine your sell price!

custom hats

We provide all the back-end support, order follow-up, full admin and expert advice on how to build your own distributor business using our money, connections and expertise!

Does this sound like something you are interested in?

Great, we hope that you are! To find out more send us an email, tell us a little about yourself, ask us anything. We are looking for the right candidate. Is that you?