Marketing during covid 19 crisis


No doubt all of us in the marketing business are scratching our heads at what to do when marketing in the age of the corona virus. This company has some great ideas they put in their latest YouTube Video.

Marketing During Covid 19

Marketing During the Corona Virus is exceptionally difficult, here’s what you need to know to get through this.

The fitness and health industry, as well as most other American businesses have been severely challenged in their marketing plans with the emergence of Covid-19.

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Trade shows gone, event marketing gone, in store promotions gone! All of these key marketing drivers have evaporated.

Customer relationships have been disrupted as retail and wholesale business environments have drastically changed. Consumer habits have been dislocated …..we are all ….in uncharted waters. read more….

Great article or whether to rebrand, reposition or relaunch your brand after Covid. Read More…


New product idea we have found. Read up on the science of see through masks.