Why the Rubik’s Cube is the perfect marketing promotion.

Why the Rubik’s Cube is the perfect marketing promotion.

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Why the Rubik’s Cube is the perfect marketing promotion.

Today’s version of the Rubik’s Cube is without a doubt, the perfect promotional product.

In 1974 the original Rubik’s Cube was invented by Hungarian Mathematician Emo Rubik. From the beginning, the Rubiks Cube (aka Magic Cube) became the favored fidget toy of both geek and non-geek. In fact, in 1976, Rubik’s Cube was named toy of the year.

Over the ensuing 45 plus years Rubiks Cube has come and gone in popularity, several times in its history. In 2021, the Rubik’s Cube is once again on the upswing in terms of its popularity and web presence.

The Marketing Genius of the Rubiks Cube.

As a marketing giveaway, the Rubik’s Cube is a powerful marketing tool. The reason the Rubik’s Cube is such a great promotional product is simple. Firstly, it provides the user with endless hours of fun and fascination in trying to solve this mind puzzle game. Those endless hours of fun and fascination are also spent both solving the puzzle and looking at your logo and marketing message.

Those 2 points alone, should be enough to get you to put your logo or marketing message on a Rubik’s Cube!.

How do you use a Rubik’s Cube for business marketing?The most effective method of B2b marketing, is also known as marketing with promotional products. The real purpose of marketing your business with promotional giveaways is to get “eyeballs on your logo!”

“It takes 7 impressions, to make an impression” is an axiom in the marketing business.

“The purpose of an effective visual marketing advertisement is not always about the products features and benefits being shown as it is about having your message or brand imprinted in the watches/users mind”.  John Graham-Marketing Director

With all of that being understood, the fact that “a Rubik’s Cube Never Gets Thrown Away” means that your business and its logo and message will be imprinting on people minds for a long, good while to come. And that’s what makes for an exceptional business marketing and trade show giveaway.

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