The Clear Vu Mask


The Clear-Vu Mask is the world’s most popular mask for American businesses during Covid-19.

The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way America does business in 2020 and perhaps beyond!

Aside from the many changes to business openings, closings and rebranding there is one new universal symbol of the Covid Era. The mask!

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The mask has divided America.

Perhaps no other symbol or result of the emergence of the Covid-19 is more potent than the divide win America which was created by the mask. There were those pro-maskers who understood and agreed with the mask as an effective tool to supress the spread of the virus. The pro-masker is willing to wear just about any mask as long as stops the spread of the virus.

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Then there is the anti-maskers. Anti-maskers seem to be up in arms for 2 reasons. The first reason is their need for personal freedom. They believe that somehow the mask takes away their freedom of choice. I don’t understand all of the reasoning behind that as their is obviously those people with compromised immune systems that also have a need for their freedom to be protected.

The second reason that anti-maskers are up in arms, and a feeling that I understand, is that masks are depersonalizing. This is true, with one exception.

Masks, if you will, mask the emotional expressions that come from our mouths. Our mouths, without words being spoken, provide up to 55% of our body language.

A persons smile, grimace, smirk, chuckle, laughter, frown etc are all non-verbal ways in which we accurately express our feelings, emotions and desires.

Words are seen and heard.

Hearing impaired people such as the deaf, have long known that the ability to see your words being spoken, lets them understand what you’re say. It’s called lipreading. That is why at the onset of the Covid-19 virus, the speach and hearing organizations from around the world adopted the Clear Mask.

Personally, these days at the grocey store or restaurant when someone is speaking and I cannot see their mouth form the words I am finding that I am understanding less of what they are saying. Part of the problem is that the sound is muffled but an equal if not greater part of the problem may be that I cannot see the words being spoken.

The mask that unites America.

Now there is mask that unites both sides of the mask debate. Introducing ClearVu Mask.

Clear-Vu Mask is an adjustable 2 ply cotton mask. It has a flexible , adjustable thin metal nose bridge to help with a perfect fit. It also has a Fog-Proof TPE clear see through vinyl panel that clearly shows your mouth and surrounding facial expressions. It may just be the only mask that truly unites America.

Clear-Vu Mask for your business logo.

The Clear VU Mask is the exceptional solution for America’s businesses needs in the Covid era. If you are about to reopen, already open or want to promote your business in these unusual times the Clear-Vu Mask is the answer.

Minimum orders start at 250 units and include your business logo and free shipping direct to your location from our factory.

Prices-including shipping and logo are as follows.

10 day delivery. 250-499 units $3.89 each. 500-999 units $3.25 each. 1000 plus $2.88 each. Go to the Product Page

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