Silicone Popping Toy

The Latest Trend. The Silicone Popping Toy!

Pop It! The latest in pointless trending fidget gadgets for your logo!

Ok, hardly pointless, in fact this may be just what makes your business a success post-pandemic!

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The purpose, the real purpose of promotional products is to get eyeballs on your logo. Any other suggestion such as elevating your brand identity or making your brand seem more posh is simply put “Hogwash!”

The only reason for a promotional product is to get people to pay attention to your logo so that the next time they think, “what was that plumbing companies name”, they go back into their brain and recall what they saw on the marketing swag!

That’s it! Plain and simple.


We do it differently!

Promotional Product Direct specializes in getting your logo on factory direct swag that increases the number of imprints of your logo on your consumers mind. Sound good? Check us out. Promotional Product Direct