The popping silicone fidget toy!

Introducing POP IT! The popping silicone fidget toys craze that is sweeping the globe.

The POP IT! is taking over social media channels like TIK-TOK and YouTube. It is positioned to be the next big craze, just like the fidget spinner was in 2017!

Watch this. POP IT!


Imagine an Infinite, Never Ending Bubble Wrap! That’s what the POP IT! is like!

Bubble warp, it  pads. It protects. And, best of all, it pops! It may be everyone’s favorite packing material. Bubble wrap! But it’s also everyone’s favorite obsession.

Why does popping bubble wrap work? Read how. 

Hard to get your logo on plastic Bubble Wrap. Hard to find it when you need it most. Once you use it, it’s done! So we the POP IT! made it out of reusable silcone.

POP IT! It comes in many colors plus Rainbow!

The POP IT! silicone toy comes in dozens of bright and fun colors as well as a rainbow colored design. We can also get your logo on it either with a molded debossed logo or a pad printed logo.

How is it we know this is going to be HUGE?

We spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars watching for emerging trends. We use both a sophisticated software and a paid group of trend analysts to watch Amazon, Tik-Tok, YouTube and other platforms to determine and spot an emerging trend.

Once we spot a trend at retail and at social media we think about it’s place in the promotional products and marketing business. Does it fit?

If it does, we then connect with some of our over 150 factories to see if they can produce it and then most importantly, get your logo on it!

Why the POP IT! is amazing for the promotional product and b2b marketing business?

A big part of what makes a promotional product a success is the unusual nature of a product. An unusual product tends to get a lot of “eyeballs onto the product and the logo on the product”. That’s call “impressions!”.

The more impressions a product has the better the product is for promoting the clients brand or logo. The second part of the marketing equation is POPs per Penny. Basically stated ” the more POPS or impressions per penny the better a promotional product it is!”

As the POP IT! is inexpensive and the user spends hours of pointless time with this pleasurable popping sensation. The POP IT! is a promo winner!

The POP IT! is addictive!

Just like popping bubble wrap the POP IT! provides the user a ongoing continuous bubble popping experience. With it’s satisfying POP sound and it’s tactile pleasure of the bubble popping over and over, the POP IT! is immensely satisfying!

And because it is so addictive the logo or brand of the client is seen over and over and over. This makes the POP IT! a mega marketing winner!

Why do people feel so satisfied popping bubble wrap? This is the science behind it!

Pop-pop-pop. We know the fidgeting that takes place when a piece of bubble wrap arrives with your delivery package, simply because you just can’t wait to attack it. It’s addictive and letting go is a trouble for many. But, why is bubble wrap popping so deeply satisfying? Whoever holds a bubble wrap sheet is unknowingly and involuntarily popping it even before they know. As per science, there are three (very interesting) reasons which may explain this unmanageable urge to play around with a bubble wrapping paper. Read more.

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