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Who and what is Factory Fresh Promo?

We are an American company with exclusive agreements with over 100+ promotional product factory’s both offshore and here at home.

We work for you, to directly access to over 100 Factory’s that make over 10,000+ Factory Fresh Wholesale Promo Products.

We save you money, provide hands-on service and work for you to achieve the greatest creativity for your marketing and promo products.

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The top 5 reasons to go factory direct for your business promotional products.

Welcome to 2022. You now are going direct to the source for you groceries, clothes, Dr. appointments and just about everything.

So in 2022 why are you still buying your promotional products and tradeshow giveaways from the guy who buys them from the warehouse nearby, who buys them from an importer who buys them from a factory in China? Does this make any real sense?

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The Top 5 reasons are…!

#5 – The supply chain crisis experienced by big box wholesalers is not going to be solved for at least another year!

#4 – Your current supplier has already had the cost of their product “stepped on” 4 times. importer, wholesaler, local salesperson and then you!

#3 – Going factory direct will save you at least 2 of these “price steps” and often 3. Factory Fresh Promo deals direct with over 100+ actual factory’s that produce over 10k in products.

#2 – You will save money! Lot’s of it! Sure airfreight is more expensive these days but way less costly than the 3 or 4 “price steps” added to the original price from the factory.

#1 – We make it easy! We do everything from free product sourcing, samples,  imprinting, to all shipping, customs, duties and paperwork to get it from the “factory floor direct to your door!”

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