How to be a trade show success.

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Got a pending trade show? Don’t know what you need to do to be a successful trade show marketer? Let us help!

The busiest trade show season is post- Christmas and runs until late May. During this 5 month period more than 69% of all US-based trade shows are held. In total, counting regional, state and national trade shows there are over 10,000 held within this 5 month window.

Why are trade shows important to your business?

Trade shows have been around since the beginning of time (imagine ancient cromagnom man markets). They are the perfect place for a company who wants to expose their product or service to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.

When you attend a trade show you need to remember this. All of your best competition is also there. In short, the trade show is a place where your business needs to compete and outshine your competition.

get your logo on a smartphone socket grip and stand

How to beat the competition at trade shows.

There are really 4 steps to trade show winning. The first step is making sure that your clients and prospects know that you will be attending and what your booth number is. This is best done by email or good old snail mail.

The second step is making sure the booth and its designs rocks. Even if you have a small 10 by 10 booth make sure you have a lively inviting atmosphere manned by people who are extroverts. Don’t let “Downer Don” from the accounting department talk to clients. It will leave a bad impression.

Step 4 (skipping 3 for now) is what I like to call FU. Follow Up is critical and key to your success. Take names, numbers and cards, add those names to your post show data base and follow up at least 5 times.

5 times you say! Yes, 5 times. Most people will get a flood of FU in the first week after the show with that FU falling off dramatically thereafter. So the marketer that does the 5 time FU will likely have the audience all to themselves in FU 3, 4 and 5 (I actually like 7 FU’s but then again, I am a little nuts about FU).

Step 3 The importance of giving your clients swag. The art of promotional product marketing.

Swag (aka
Stuff We All Get) is basically a product your give your trade show attendees
for free. This product will always have your logo and branding message on it.

The purpose of giving your prospects and customers something to take home with them as a reminder of the show and your booth is to imprint your logo and message on them long after the show.

In the “old days” pre-smartphone, giving someone a year long calendar was a great promotional product.  The customer/recipient would put it on your office wall as it was useful to see the dates, and every time your customer glanced at it your logo would imprint on them. Calendars USED to be a good promotional product.

In the new age of digital marketing and the era of the smartphone the way we need to think about our promotional products has changed dramatically.

Using the example of the calendar in the pre-computer age it is easy to see that it was a great idea for use as a promotional product. Most people were not very mobile, sitting at the same desk in the same office year after freakin’ year. In this scenario the calendar made sense as it was in the same place as the person everyday.

In the smartphone era it now makes sense to get your logo on something attached to your clients phone that they will find useful and cool.


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We have a very strong record of success when pairing our clients up with the coolest (and least expensive) promotional products for the smartphone.

Giving your clients and prospects a smartphone stand as a promotional give away is a great idea. Here’s why!

  1. On average, people look at their phone 87 times a day. This gives you an enormous number of “eyeballs” on your logo.
  2. The smartphone stand is an attention grabber. People are always looking for the “latest and coolest”. We have over 20 styles to choose from.
  3. They are inexpensive. With prices including shipping and logo as low as 78 cents each. They are amazingly cost-effective.

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