The Art of Fully Customized Promotional Products

Are you looking for a fully customized marketing or promotional product?

If you have a hard to source, difficult to make promotional product or marketing idea that you would like to have created, take 1 minute and listen to our mini pod below!

Give us a minute. Listen to what we can do for you!

Want to go direct to the factory but have concerns?

We understand exactly what you need and what your concerns are about going direct to the factory. We get it!

Let us take the risk and do all of the work!

If you are working on a marketing product or project that is best described as challenging, difficult and creative, please continue to listen, we guarantee it will be worth your while.

We have 25 years of factory direct experience creating fully customized promotional projects for major marketing firms .

For the last 20 plus years, we have travelled extensively throughout the factory’s in Asia and Europe seeking out the best factory’s and the most creative people to work with.

When we find them, we partner with them! This creates a powerful, creative and production tool for you to use!

We have over 100 factory’s , exactly like this, all under agreement!

These factory’s produce a wide array of products. Every one of these products can be custom designed to meet your exact needs and logo requirements.

“We are not for everyone, but we may be right for you!”

What does this mean for you?

It means that we take care of everything from concept to conclusion. We create and deliver exactly what you want!

Our service includes design, sourcing, manufacturing, imprinting, shipping, customs, duties and delivery…. Or as we like to say “direct from the factory floor to your door”.

We take care of all overseas payments, banking and transactions… and all of the risk!

PLUS….All quotes and inquiries are FREE!

And …we do it, for 1 all inclusive price!

We know of no one else in this business who does what we do!

And the best part?

You can talk directly with us at anytime! Call us at 1-888 -880-2714 or email