The Future of Promotional Product Sourcing…

is nearly here!

What is Factory Fresh Promo?

We are an American company with exclusive agreements with over 100+ promotional product factory’s .Both offshore and here at home.

We work for you, to directly access to over 10,000+ Factory Fresh Promo Products.

We do everything from product sourcing to, imprinting, shipping, customs, duties and all aspects of a factory direct delivery without any of the hassle!

You will get cooler products for less money and way less grief!

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The Top 3 Reasons To Try Factory Fresh Promo

We will source any promotional product on the planet! There is NOTHING we won’t look for! For FREE!

We represent over 100 offshore factories. We work on a tiny margin. Price is therefore, AWESOME!

We are Promo Product Pro’s! We know what rocks and what doesn’t!

Live in the USA customer service. Go ahead email us or call! See how fast we respond!

Direct from the factory floor to your door.

We have a long-standing and deep relationships with these manufacturing factory’s . They have given us the inside track on delivering Factory Fresh Promo trends at amazing prices.

We take care of the hassle!

Everyone loves the factory direct prices but everyone hates the hassle. We get that and we take care of that! We do it all. Sourcing, imprinting, shipping, customs and duties and delivery to your door for 1 all-inclusive price!

Here’s an idea!

We will find you just about any product you can imagine. If you’d like to see an overview of our factory’s and their products. Visit this page.

We will then deliver it,  “hot and fresh to your door” , complete with your logo on it. All for 1 low price, all direct from the promotional products factory floor to your door.

Want to find out more? Call 1-888-880-2714 or click here to email us.

Stay tuned for more to come….