America Business Anxiety 2020

covid anxiety in american business

In the summer of 2020 and for the near forseeable future anxiety in the American business sector due to the disruption caused by covid-19 is rampant.

There is no easy way to say it, “most America businesses are screwed!” At least for most businesses this is true. Some businesses such as Zoom and Amazon are thriving in this covid crisis era however the majority of traditonal businesses are struggling.

With poor and indecisive Federal leadership and a patchwork quilt state level of responses ranging from business as usual to lockdown has lead not only to a cessation of many business but to an overall anxiety permeating all businesses across the economic spectrum. Call 1-888-880-2714 or email 

Perhaps no other sector of the economy has seen such turmoil at the Fitness and Health industries.

Fitness sector hit hard.

To say that gyms, fitness centers and public fitness have taken a body blow would be an understatement. In the feart and anxiety of these corona virus times gyms and fitness centers are the last place where people want to be as the virus continues to rage across the country. Until there is a vaccine and a concerted national effort to contain and control the virus this will be the case.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, let’s ust hope its not an oncoming train!

However, for the moment let’s think rationally. A vaccine and its distribution is likely 6-12 months away. Once we get a vaccine announcement there will be an uptick in the fitness industry that will be tectonic.

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There is an enormous pent up demand for the fitness industry to get back up and running. Once we have a vaccine announcement that will happen. However the distribution of the vaccine will still be 6 months after that announcement. What does this mean to the marketing of the fitness and wellness industry?

How to market your business once there is a vaccine?

There are only 3 things you need are P,P and E!

PPE (personal protective equipment) is the short description for things such as high alcohol hand sanitizer, masks, face shields, wipes etc. In the period between the announcement of a vaccine and it distribution there will be 6-9 months time. During those 9 months the fitness business and their pent up customers will be “chomping at the the bit” to get back into their pre-covid fitness routines.

However, the virus will still be running wild. In many ways, the period between announcement of a vaccine and its distribution will be the the most deadly and dangerous of times.

People being what they are, will rush back out to go to the gym, shopping and parties with a sense of relief that the virus will now be controlled. However this is where we need protection more than at anytime.

What does your fitness business need post Vaccine announcement, pre-distribution of the Vaccine?

The most essential of all PPE for the fitness industry is the 3 PLY mask and high alcohol content hand sanitizer. Masks to prevent the inhalation and exhalation of virus droplets and hand sanitizer to keep surfaces clean from the manual transmission of the virus.These 2 things are essential.

The next thing your fitness business needs is a marketing giveaway to let you old and potential customers know you are back in business. As in any big disruption in business reasserting your brand is critial.

In our opinion by far and away the best 2 possible things to consider are.

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The Pop Phone Socket.

Popularized by brands such as popsocket and nuckee the Pop Phone Socket is a collapsible accordion style phone grip.


Shaker Bottles with a Back In Business Message.

Wanted by everyone, shaker bottles come in about 100 styles, colors, shapes and sizes and we source them factory direct. Read the whole article here.