are you an ad agency looking for a competitive advantage?

This page, proposal and our service may just be the next big competitive advantage you are looking for?

How Would Your Agency and Your Clients Like The Following?

A) A fully branded website exactly like this with your agency contact info and brand?

B) A back-end service (us) who will source, brand and deliver over 10,000 promotional products direct to you or your client. All from our over 100 promotional product factory’s?

C) The ability to directly access over 10,000 promo products, from 100 factory’s saving up to 70%!

ad agency promotional product idea generator

Take Your Ad Agency To The Next Level

If your agency is not selling promo products direct to your clients you are leaving money on the table.

One of the main drivers of marketing is the ubiquitous promotional product. Those branded giveaways and tradeshow swag that are part of any well-rounded ad campaign are almost always outsourced by the agency to a 3rd party promotional products company.

If you are doing this stop now. Why?

You see this Pop Socket style grip? We sell it for $1.98 each including logo and free shipping. A typical promo distributor will sell this for $5 each. On a minimum order of 250 pieces this means you have given away $755.

pop sockets for promo
A Minimalist Wallet-Ridgeline Style Wallet9

If you work with us you get to bypass 2 levels of sale intermediation. This means more control, more profit.

Factory Fresh Promo represents over 100 offshore and onshore factory’s. The factory’s pay us to do this.

What we do is provide your agency with several key things all at little or no cost to you.

  1. We will provide you a free agency branded copy of this website. You can use it as an idea generator and sales catalog.
  2. We provide all customer support for your agency. Simply tell us what your customer is looking for and we will send to any number of our over 100 promotional product factory’s.
  3. We will train (for free) your agency personell in how to use the site and how to take advantage of this amazing tool.

There’s even more!

Mind Blowing Ideas and Resources

We will find you literally anything. We recently did a 1000 piece order of custom shaped and designed portable podiums for Xfinity. That order cam from their agency, they sold it to Xfinity. Hmmm…I smell money!

We are available for phone consultations and free idea generating sessions.

We have our fingers on the pulse of custom manufacturing.

mind blown ad agency idea generator

Enough of this chit-Chat!

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